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Be Abundantly Blessed and Ultimately Happy

What do you think it’s like to be abundantly blessed and ultimately happy? Everyone wants to be happy. But, many people view their blessings as rewards, disasters, or entitlements, and don’t fully understand happiness. To be abundantly blessed and ultimately happy, you must know the reality of your blessings and the truth about being happy.

Basic Truths About Being Happy  

We are not born happy. But, we are created to be happy. And, we want to be happy. This means happiness is not natural for us, but it is natural to us. Therefore, we must pursue it.

To find ultimate happiness, you must go beyond the natural to the super-natural where you will find abundant blessings. This pursuit from the physical to the spiritual can only be done through the Spirit of the Lord. The closer you get to God, the higher you go beyond your nature. And, the higher you go above your nature the deeper you go into happiness.   

How-tos Don’t Give Enough Depth

The simple happiness how-tos are okay if you want to make slight improvements or maintain your current level of happiness. But, they often yield temporary results.

Blessedbu.com gives you in-depth knowledge and understanding of the multiple aspects of happiness. It explains the physical, psychological, spiritual, and relational makeup of happiness and teaches you how to go beyond the physical realm of nature to the super-natural realm of happiness. 

What You’ll Find on blessedbu.com 

Posts are based on Scripture, science, clinical examples, and personal stories. They provide detailed information including:

  • The complete definition of happiness
  • Myths and truths about happiness
  • How to identify your blessings
  • The effects your beliefs have on your happiness
  • Development of your subconscious and conscious minds and how the battles between them affect your happiness
  • Living in nature vs. living in happiness
  • What you need to be happy
  • How to teach your children to be happy 

Shorter Reads and Quick Tips

Post-ettes are shorter commentaries that refer to the longer posts. Anecdotes are thought-provoking quick stories that promote a better understanding of happiness.  Essentials are quick tips that can be used immediately to improve your happiness.  

What to Expect

Expect to be abundantly blessed and ultimately happy with what you will learn and can practice here at blessedbu.com 

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