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We are not born happy. But, you can be happy, happier, or the happiest you can and live in ultimate happiness by learning how to pursue it! Even though we are not born happy, we all want to be happy and we are created to be happy. This means happiness is not natural for us, but it is natural to us. 

God gave us the desire to be happy, the abilities to pursue happiness (blessings), and the freedom to choose how happy we want to be. However, to achieve happiness, we must know what it’s like to be happy.

You Must Know Happy to be Happy

Happiness is more than a feeling of jubilation. It’s a state where you put yourself in or take yourself out. Therefore, you determine how happy you are. To experience true happiness you must understand its fullness. This includes identifying blessings, understanding the origin of your happiness, knowing the levels of happiness and the elements that make up happiness, what is required to be happy, and how to achieve happiness. The more deeply you understand happiness, the closer to ultimate happiness you will be. 

Ultimate happiness is the highest form of happiness that can only come from our highest power – God. To achieve ultimate happiness, you must go beyond your natural self (how you were born) to your super-natural self (spiritual self) through Jesus Christ.

The closer you get to God, the more you distance yourself from your nature. The further you are from your natural self, the more clearly you see your blessings which are the building blocks for and the byproducts of happiness.

The levels and elements of happiness make it multidimensional. Therefore, it has more sides that can be attacked. But it also has more ways it can be achieved. You must know happy to be happy. 

How-to’s Don’t Give Enough Depth

The simple step by step instructions and “how-tos” to be happy are okay if you want to make slight improvements or maintain a moderate level of happiness. But, they often yield temporary results.

Blessedbu.com explains the fullness of happiness using science, Scripture, actual case studies, and personal stories.

What You’ll Find on blessedbu.com 

Posts are based on Scripture, science, clinical examples, and personal stories. They provide detailed information including:

  • The complete definition of happiness
  • Myths and truths about happiness
  • How to identify and use your blessings
  • The effects your beliefs have on your happiness
  • Development of your subconscious and conscious minds and how the battles between them affect your happiness
  • Living in nature/survival mode vs. living in happiness
  • What you need to be happy
  • How to teach your children to be happy 

Shorter Reads and Quick Tips

Post-ettes are shorter commentaries that refer to the longer posts. Anecdotes are thought-provoking quick stories that promote a better understanding of happiness.  Essentials are quick tips that can be used immediately to improve your happiness.  

What to Expect

Expect to be happier and find your way to ultimate happiness here at blessedbu.com.

Be happy happier or the happiest you can

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