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Be Happy, Happier, or Ultimately the Happiest You Can Be!

Be happy, happier, or ultimately the happiest you can be! Blessedbu.com gives you the wisdom and truth about happiness that will get you there.

I’ve talked with hundreds of people who say they want to be happy but admit they don’t know what it really means. Many people believe it’s just a good feeling. In truth, happiness is a condition of mind-body-soul.

Happiness is a Condition

Happiness is a state of mind and spirit that conditions your soul and influences your body. Like any condition, happiness comprises different elements. As a result, the more elements you experience, the more intense your condition, or the happier you are. Once you understand this condition, you can be happy despite your circumstances. For instance, the Apostle Paul demonstrates this in Philippians 11:4

Happiness is Multidimensional

Happiness affects all aspects of your being. And it does this in multiple ways. Therefore, it is multidimensional. The multiple facets of happiness make it more vulnerable for attack, but also allow more opportunities for success. 

Blessedbu.com gives you detailed explanations about the dimensions, elements, and threats to happiness. In addition, you will learn practical methods to create and improve your joy, peace, and satisfaction. Moreover, you will learn how to recognize and overcome things that cause you to be unhappy.

Posts, Anecdotes, and Essentials

Posts and Anecdotes explore and explain what happiness is, where it comes from, and how it is achieved. Also, Essentials are thought-provoking behavior strategies you can immediately use for faster success. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being happier. Therefore, posts are categorized so you can read articles most suited to your particular needs.

Complete Understanding Yields Permanent Results

There are hundreds of simple step-by-step and “how-to” methods that can help you be happier. Nonetheless, they yield temporary results and focus on maintaining only moderate levels of happiness. Blessedbu.com provides comprehensive knowledge that shows you how to permanently raise your happiness.   

What You’ll Find on blessedbu.com 

Blessedbu.com explains happiness based on Scripture, science, clinical examples, and personal stories. Topics include:

  • The complete definition of happiness
  • Myths and truths about happiness
  • How to identify and use your blessings
  • The effects your beliefs have on your happiness
  • Development of your subconscious and conscious minds
  • How the battle between your minds affect your happiness
  • Living in nature/survival mode vs. living in happiness
  • What you need to be happy
  • How to teach your children to be happy 

Quick Reads 

Post-ettes are abbreviated versions of the longer posts.

What to Expect

Expect to be happier. Find your way to ultimate happiness here at blessedbu.com!

Be happy, happier, or ultimately the happiest you can be.

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