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Blessed be you: How to live happier and be more blessed!

We all are blessed, even though we might not believe it, and we can be chronically happy even though we don’t feel like it. Our past experiences and current circumstances may be more dismal than cheerful leaving us depressed, sad, and angry. Despite your past and present, you can learn how to be happier. Blessedbu will help you learn how to live happier and be more blessed.

We Are Not Born Happy, We Learn It

We are not born happy, but we know happiness exists and we have an inborn desire to be happy. God’s word makes it clear; that we are to experience abundant joy and live life to the full – we are meant to be happy.

We naturally want to be happy even though we are not naturally happy. And, God intends for us to be happy. So, how do we get something unnatural that we naturally want and are supernaturally meant to have?

You will find the answers plus more here! Adults, children, couples, and parents will benefit from the information, tips, and lessons offered.

Happiness Requires Commitment

While the Essentials can provide immediate benefits, pursuing and maintaining genuine happiness is not a quick fix. Success requires fortitude, time, and commitment. The pursuit of happiness requires the same. I provide instruction and guidance, but you determine your success.

What You Will Learn

My posts are based on science, Scripture, personal experiences, and clients’ stories. (Note that certain aspects of the stories have been modified to maintain confidentiality.) Posts are laid out in a progressive manner. They start with teaching the foundation for happiness, which includes the basic physiology and psychology of happiness. Then, build into informative and thought provoking lessons. These messages provide you with knowledge that will help you maintain your happiness and teach you how to confront the challenges and adversaries of happiness so you can live life to the full.

              If  you want to learn how to live happier and be more blessed, stay the course!