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Besides wanting to be happy, God created us to be happy. Therefore, happiness is extremely important. So, if being happy is that important, why are so many people unhappy? And, why do so many people fail to achieve the level of happiness they could and should have?

Many of us try to be happy based on our beliefs instead of the truth. Three common beliefs we have about happiness are:

  • Other people are responsible for making you happy
  • You are responsible for making other people happy
  • Your circumstances determine your happiness

These beliefs are myths we naturally developed. But, following them to find happiness is like chasing the wind. Stop searching for happiness and start to faithfully pursue it. Learn the truth about being happy so you can live in complete happiness.   

Happiness is not Just a Good Feeling

I’ve talked with hundreds of people who say they want to be happy. But, they admit they don’t know what it really means. Many people believe happiness is just a good feeling. In truth, it’s a condition of mind, body, and soul. And, it’s the one condition we determine for ourselves. Therefore, we must know what creates, improves, and eliminates the condition of happiness. We must know all its elements.


Happiness is a state of mind and spirit that conditions your soul and influences your body. And like any condition, happiness is created from and comprised of many elements. I call these elements blessings. The more elements you experience, the more intense your condition. Consequently, the more blessings you experience, the happier you are.

Once you understand the happiness condition, you will recognize God’s blessings. Then, you can live in complete happiness. Or, like the Apostle Paul indicates, you can be happy despite your circumstances.


All content is based on a combination of Scripture, science, clinical cases, and personal stories. This multifacted approach gives you a deeper understanding of what it’s really like to be happy.  

Posts and Post-ettes explain the many aspects of happiness. These comprehensive narratives explain the biological, emotional, intellectual, and social aspects of happiness. Even though they build on one another, they are independent sources for practical use.

Anecdotes are stories that show you how to maintain happiness even when it is under attack.

Essentials are thought-provoking behavior strategies. Use them for quicker results.

Post-ettes are abbreviated versions of the longer posts.


You decide how happy you want to be. And, you must determine what you need to be happy. Therefore, posts are categorized so you can read articles that relate to your particular situation.

What to Expect

Expect to be happier. Find your way to complete happiness here at blessedbu.com!

Recognize God’s Blessings and Live in Complete Happiness!

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