About Me

About Mindy Fuchs, the Happy Therapist.                                                                                               I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been in private practice over two decades. Many years ago, my friend and office neighbor, Tony, would hear me laugh throughout the day. One day, as I was leaving my office, he called me, “The Happy Therapist” and the title stuck.

Everyone wants to be happy. But, throughout history, obstacles and adversities have challenged people’s happiness. Today, modern conveniences, products, and technology purport how happy they’ll make you. However, no one and nothing can make you happy. Each of us determines his or her level of happiness. But, many of us didn’t get the right lessons to learn how to do this.

What I Do

I teach people the truth about being happy. And, I teach people how to achieve their best level of happiness. Many of these lessons are here at blessedbu.com. So, you can also learn how to be the happiest you can be.

God wants us to be happy here as a start for our eternal happiness. But, we are not born happy. We are born to pursue happiness. God has given us what we need to be happy including freewill. We decide how happy we want to be. Therefore, our happiness on earth is a springboard for our eternal happiness. We choose the distance of that leap.

I am Blessed

It takes determination, courage, and commitment to stay on course for a happy life. And, my clients inspire and impress me every day as they go travel that route. Moreover, I am blessed to share such incredible journeys. I’ve seen severely wounded souls heal and broken spirits rebuild as people go from just surviving to living life in more peace, joy, love, freedom, satisfaction, and contentment – happiness.

In addition, I am inspired by my family as I watch our five children, their spouses, and our grandchildren grow in their journeys. God’s grace is a constant blessing to me. And, I am constantly grateful to Him. As my grandmother used to say, “Thank ya, Jesus!”

May your leap be small. Blessed be you!


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