About Me

Originally from Pennsylvania, I now enjoy a rural lifestyle in Michigan with my husband. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and have been in private practice for two decades working with adults and children.

Many years ago, my friend and office neighbor, Tony, would frequently hear me laugh as I worked. He affectionately referred to me as the “Happy Therapist” and the title stuck.

I work with people who want to be happier and want their children to be happier. Like the early explorers who forged through unknown areas to have better lives, the people I work with are not afraid to move beyond the place where their pasts have left them. They are willing to confront and overcome the obstacles and challenges that have prevented them from living life to the full.

Every time I work with someone, I have the privilege of going with him or her on a journey through time and events. Each experience is unique and takes me somewhere I’ve never been, but the destination is always the same — a state of greater happiness.

I don’t get souvenirs when I go on these journeys, but I do get inspired and motivated. I am grateful for the many journeys I have been on and am blessed by all of those who have shared them with me.

Besides the experiences I share in my practice, I am abundantly blessed and inspired by my family. Our five children, their spouses, and our grandchildren inspire me as I watch them on their own journeys.

I continue to be blessed in my personal and professional life through God’s grace and live in constant gratitude to Him. May you also be abundantly blessed!


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