About Me

I am Mindy Fuchs, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. Everyone wants to be happy, but many of us got the wrong instructions on how to do it. For over two decades, I’ve worked with adults and children to help them learn how to be happier.

A basic key to happiness is laughter. And, I am a proponent. Therefore, I create laughter during many of my sessions. Years ago, my friend and office neighbor, Tony, would frequently hear hearty bursts of laughter from my office. One day he affectionately referred to me as the “Happy Therapist” and the title stuck.

What I Do

One of the first things I tell clients is that I will make sense out of things that don’t for them. And, when they have that understanding, they can manage their situations better. They can be happier.

I explain that emotions are illogical and how behaviors that don’t make sense are emotionally based. Moreover, using science and Scripture, I teach people that happiness is not an emotion and emotions do not make people happy. In addition, I help people figure out what they need to be happy. I show them how happiness is a condition we create for ourselves and how to consider it for their ultimate goal. 

Ultimate Goal

We must remember our end game – where we want our final destination to be. God wants us to be happy here maybe as a precursor to eternal happiness. We are not born happy. Therefore, we must learn what happiness is and how to achieve it. Happily, God has given us instructions (His Word) on how to do it, what we need to accomplish it, and freewill to choose if we want it. Our happiness here is a springboard for our eternal happiness. And, we choose the distance of that leap.

I am Blessed

It takes determination, courage, and commitment to stay on course for a happy life. And, my clients inspire and impress me every day as they travel that route. Moreover, I am blessed to share such incredible journeys. I’ve seen severely wounded souls heal and broken spirits rebuild as people go from just surviving to living life in more peace, joy, love, freedom, satisfaction, and contentment – happiness.

In addition, I am inspired by my family as I watch our five children, their spouses, and our grandchildren grow in their journeys. God’s grace is a constant blessing to me. And, I am constantly grateful to Him. As my grandmother used to say, “Thank ya, Jesus!”

Find your happiness here at blessedbu.com and may your leap be small.

About Mindy Fuchs, the Happy Therapist


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