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About Me

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I am Mindy Fuchs, a recently retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who with my husband, enjoys living a rural lifestyle in the mountains. As a private practice therapist for over two decades, I worked with adults and children to help them achieve their goals to be happy or at least happier. I often wished I could have given them ten easy steps to follow or sprinkled them with happy dust. But, achieving genuine happiness requires more than a step by step protocol or extraneous materials. It requires truth and definition. When I asked people what it meant for them to be happy, most couldn’t define it. Therefore, their goal to be happy was more imaginative than realistic. My goal was to help them understand the truth about happiness and show them how to attain it. And, that’s my intention here.

The Happy Therapist

Laughter is one way we initiate happiness. And I am a strong proponent. In fact I love to laugh. Therefore, laughter frequently made its way into clients’ sessions. Years ago my friend and office neighbor, Tony, would hear my hearty bursts of laughter. One day as I was leaving work, he affectionately referred to me as the “Happy Therapist” and the title stuck. Now, I suppose the more appropriate title would be the “Happy Post Therapist” since I am still happy but not a practicing therapist.

No Sinless History

Like everyone, I have a history. I was not immune from bad decisions, regrets, shameful behaviors, violence, guilt, poor judgment, and sin. But I was (and still am) absolved from it all through the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the blessing of repentance. It is through God’s blessings that we find the deepest and most profound happiness. We are happy when we are blessed and we are blessed when we are happy.     

Extraordinary References

My posts and tips are based on personal experiences, science, and the Bible. These extraordinary references provide in depth exploration, explanation, and exhortation for the truth about happiness. 

Blessed Be You

I hope your path between blessings and happiness crosses here!

About Mindy Fuchs, the Happy Therapist


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