Be Not Offended, Be Blessed

Be not offended, be blessed

Why are people so easily offended?
One wrong pronoun and the world’s upended
What is what and who is who
Nothing’s wrong with me, it must be you
Now is that truth or just a lie?
A mere belief that some decry

Truth is certain and should remain
But it keeps changing
To appease some people’s gain
There’s one absolute truth that’s firm and fast
It’s God’s true word, and only it will last

God as a man, He came to be
To save us from humanity
He was mocked and beat, bled and died
Nails driven through, he was crucified

Would you do that for your own cause?
Next time you’re offended, stop and pause
Is it worth the offense that you may feel
From someone’s word or thought or zeal?

What to take personal is God’s love for you
Along with His death and resurrection too
No one will ever love you like this
He took all offense with a traitor’s kiss

Use God’s Word to find your way
And be not offended by what people say
Then you’ll be free, no more distressed
You’ll live life full, happy and blessed!