Be Real, Be True, Be Happy!

We cannot be happy unless we are realistic and truthful. Moreover, reality and truth are God’s standards we must live up to. When we corrupt or compromise them, we destroy our happiness. Therefore, to be real, be true, and be happy we must think beyond our emotions. Here are nine situations to think about regarding your reality, your truth, and your happiness.

  • Organisms that create offspring through sexual reproduction have chromosomes that are XX or XY (female or male). This includes human beings.
  • Moms teach children how to connect with others. Dads teach children how to safely explore the world. Both show children how to love and trust. Therefore, moms and dads are equally important, and children need both.
  • Babies have survival instincts at least eight months before they’re born.
  • Church is people who serve God. A democratic government is elected people who serve to protect people including those who serve God. How then, can church and government really be separate?
  • God made people. Why do some people make themselves god?
  • Artificial intelligence is an unnatural mind.
  • Human bodies were created to move. Humans have more movable parts that can bend, flex, tense, relax, twist, turn, rotate, pivot, and stretch than any other creature or object.  So, how can anyone think motivating people to not move, e.g. getting paid for not working, is a good thing?
  • History is a barometer that allows us to measure our improvements. How can we improve if we revise or cancel it? (Psalm 78: 3-4)
  • The family unit is what society becomes.

Be real be true be happy