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Everyone is blessed, but not everyone is happy.  We know we are blessed, as indicated by God in Genesis 1:28.  We also know we’re supposed to be happy.  But many people haven’t learned how to do that because they don’t understand the truth about happiness.  They don’t know the definition of happiness and what they need to be happy.  This lack of knowledge occurred in some instances because the people in charge of teaching happiness (primarily parents) didn’t know the truth either.  So, generation after generation, people try to be happy by misguided ways or default to what comes naturally – seeking things they want to fulfill their earthly desires.  Either way, the result is dissatisfaction, dissociation, and disease. Choose to live happy and blessed.

Additionally, many people are inattentive or unaware of their blessings, which go hand in hand with happiness.  To be happy is to be blessed, and to be blessed is to be happy.  Similar to defining happiness, the true meaning of blessed is often omitted in familial culture.

Learn the true meaning of blessed and what it means to be truly happy so you can choose to live at the cross between blessings and happiness.

The Blessing of Freewill, the Choice to Be Happy

One of the first blessings God gave us in our creation was the blessing of free will.  There is nothing we have to do.  We don’t even have to eat.  (Hunger strikers prove that.)  However, we eat because of our strong desire to exist and because we choose to live.  How many people eat even when they’re not hungry?  That’s a choice.  It’s the same with choosing to be happy.  You can be happy even when conditions around you aren’t.  In addition, just like eating when you’re not hungry can make you gain weight, being happy when conditions aren’t easy causes you to gain more happiness!

Every action we take is a choice, including the choice to be happy.  And good decisions require thoughtfulness and obedience.  Contrary to what many people believe, we can choose to be happy despite circumstances and conditions.  Find more about how to make that happen.

What Prevents Happiness

We are not born happy.  It is a learned process that manifests itself in our belief system.  Some people develop unfavorable beliefs about themselves and others.  Beliefs are a combination of feelings and intellect that develop before our thinking brains fully develop.

During our development, when subconscious emotions are more potent than our conscious intellect, we form beliefs by internalizing emotions and using our knowledge.  Parents are instrumental in guiding and providing children with information that produces feelings and enriches intelligence.  Bad information leads to harmful beliefs.  Good information results in reasonable beliefs, and mixed information causes muddled beliefs.  These early beliefs are well-rooted and affect future happiness.

Untruths parents pass along to their children include:

  1. Other people are responsible for making you happy
  2. You are responsible for other people’s happiness
  3. Your circumstances determine your happiness

These myths stem from our natural inclinations and prevent autonomy.  Happiness is autonomous.  It’s a personal choice, and it goes beyond natural inclinations.  Happiness requires mindfulness.  Therefore, one must think above his/her feelings to achieve happiness.  Find how to put conscious thought over subconscious emotions and produce more happiness.

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