God Provides All Our Needs

I’ve been studying how God provides all our needs because I didn’t have a complete understanding; until recently. A couple of weeks ago, all this social distancing finally got to me. No hugs, touch, or closeness left me (whose love language is touch) feeling bereft of connection. So, like many mornings as I drive to work, I had my conversation with God. Of course, I didn’t tell him anything He didn’t already know. But, I vented my frustration anyway. I know He listened because like always, I could feel His peace.

Be Grateful Even When You Vent

I also know gratitude is a gateway to happiness. Therefore, when I vent about something, I’ve made it a habit to follow it with gratitude. I find something to be grateful for. Sometimes I thank God I have a speaking voice I can use to talk. That morning I thanked God for listening, my good health, being able to work, the car I was driving to work, and a few other things. I got myself so excited that I told God I just wanted to give Him a big hug. I chuckled and told Him how difficult it was to hug the spirit. He laughed with me.

I know I’m taking a risk saying I can hear God talk to me. But, it’s true. It’s the still, quiet but strong voice that comes from deep inside. One time I heard Joyce Meyer say something like, “When we talk to God it’s called prayer and when God talks to us it’s called crazy.” Nevertheless, I love my conversations with God.

I went on to tell God how much I needed a hug and wanted to be able to hug Him. But, I needed something tangible. He replied, “I got you.” And, I said, “I know!” Then, went about my business.

About forty minutes later, I met my first client for the day. We exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes then settled in for a conversation. Out of the blue, my client got up and said, “I have something I for you.” As she reached her clutched hand out towards me, she explained that someone who was very close to her but had since passed gave it to her. And, she wanted me to have it. Then, she placed it in my hand. It was a little wooden cross to put in my pocket.

I was amazed! Joy just bubbled up in me as I exclaimed how incredible God is. I explained to my client that I had just asked God for something tangible to hug Him. The little cross was it!

God Provides All We Need

God knows what we need before we ask. And, he is ready to provide us with them. However, we might not picture them the way He does. So, we must open our minds and hearts to Him and know He will always “get us” and gives us what’s best. Pray confidently to God and thank Him in advance. Always be grateful and you will never be unsatisfied.

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