Find Out How to Live in Complete Happiness!

Everyone wants to be happy, but many people admit they aren’t as happy as they want to be. Most people didn’t learn the truth about happiness because the people in charge of teaching them didn’t know the truth either. So, generation after generation, people went with what came natural. See how the lies and myths you naturally learned about happiness prevent it. Find out how to live in complete happiness.

We Are Not Born Happy

We are not born happy. If we were, we wouldn’t communicate our discomfort and hunger with loud cries of anger, contempt, and fear. We would lie content, peaceful, joyful, and satisfied in our cribs. Therefore, our mothers wouldn’t know when to feed and comfort us, so we would probably fail to thrive and perish.

Find out how your natural instincts prevent you from being happy. See how the science of human development directs you to be happy despite the way you were born.

Lies That Prevent Happiness

Even though we are born with the ability to think, our conscious mind (thinking brain) doesn’t develop until after we are born. Therefore, we have more emotions than intellect until our knowledge catches up. Our parents are responsible for helping us gain knowledge and for providing us with good feelings that create our personal beliefs.

When children get too many negative emotions, they feel bad. They translate these bad feelings into three personal belief categories, value, acceptance, and love. Good feelings will make them believe they are valuable, acceptable, and loveable. Negative feelings will make them believe they aren’t valuable, aren’t acceptable, or aren’t loveable. Needless to say, bad feelings lead to bad beliefs which lead to bad attitudes and self-defeating behaviors, which lead to unhappiness. Learn the effects these beliefs have on your happiness and how to change negative beliefs into positive happy producing beliefs.

Myths About Happiness

Many parents didn’t learn the truth about happiness so they went with their natural inclinations. These natural ideas about happiness are myths. There are three myths about being happy.

  1. Other people are responsible for making you happy
  2. You are responsible for other people’s happiness
  3. Your circumstances determine your happiness

These myths are what people naturally think about happiness. However, happiness is not natural. Therefore, you must rise above your nature to a super-natural level. See how conscious thinking leads to understanding the truth and higher level of happiness.

Happiness Comes from the Truth

A higher level of understanding means you know the truth. And, the truth is God’s word. Therefore, the way to happiness is through knowing God’s word and following Jesus Christ. Find out how science and Scripture are the truth to for you to live in complete happiness!

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