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 I am Mindy Fuchs, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice. Everyone wants to be happy, but many of us got the wrong instructions on how to do it. For over two decades, I’ve worked with adults and children to help them learn how to be happier.

A basic key to happiness is laughter. And, I am a proponent. Therefore, I create laughter during many of my sessions. Years ago, my friend and office neighbor, Tony, would frequently hear hearty bursts of laughter from my office. One day he affectionately referred to me as the “Happy Therapist” and the title stuck. (Read More)

Do You Want to be Happy?

An invalid man had been waiting thirty-eight years to get into the healing pool at Bethesda. One day Jesus walked up to him and asked, “Do you want to be healed?” Instead of the man answering, “Yes” or “No,” he lamented that no one ever helped him get into the pool. Similarly, many people are just waiting to be happy and complain that no one is making it so. How would you answer Jesus if He asked, “Do you want to be happy?”


Everyone wants to be happy. It’s the construct of our reality. Therefore, anyone who claims he/she doesn’t want to be happy has a distorted view of reality. This unrealistic perception results from an unrealistic life shown to the person beginning in childhood. Abuse, overindulgence, neglect, terror, or chronic elevated stress cause children to experience more fear, anger, contempt, shame, and guilt than the joy, peace, love, and satisfaction of happiness. Therefore, they grow to view happiness as something they can’t or shouldn’t have.     


If you answered, “Yes,” great! However, happy people are not immune from attack and vulnerability. Happy people must be aware of the threats to happiness and implement renewed skills that maintain and enhance their happiness. Essentials and Anecdotes will help you with this.

“Yes, but…”

If you answered, “Yes, but…,” you’re like the man at the pool. You wait for and depend on other people to make you happy. Moreover, you blame others for your unhappiness. This dependency on others is a natural evolutionary concept that’s derived from infancy and the dependency we have on our mothers to comfort us – or make us happy. It results in the beliefs that your happiness is dependent on other people and random luck. Happiness becomes a risk for you.

No matter how you answered, you can be happier. But it’s your choice. To make this decision you must know the truth about happiness. 

Beliefs vs. Truth

Most of us assume to know what happiness is based on how we were raised. We rarely give it much thought. Therefore, many of us developed three basic beliefs about being happy. We believe other people are responsible for our happiness, we are responsible for making other people happy, and our circumstances determine our happiness. None of these is true. Read Posts and Post-ettes to know the truth about happiness and understand what it means.

What is Happiness?

I’ve talked to hundreds of people who say they want to be happy but admit they don’t know what it really means. Happiness is more than a good feeling. It’s a condition of mind, body, and soul that we determine for ourselves. This condition consists of certain elements that form blessings and come from blessings. Read Posts Description category to learn more. 

Elements and Blessings

Like any condition, happiness is created from and comprised of many elements. These elements include joy, peace, love, freedom, satisfaction, and contentment which are also blessings. Moreover, blessings such as good health, a supportive friend, a safe and secure home, and having your needs met lead to the elements. Recognizing your blessings will increase your happiness. 


Since you decide how happy you want to be and must determine what you need to be happy, posts are categorized to suit your particular situation. They are categorized by description, what to do, definition, and parents.

What to Expect

Learn the detailed truth about being happy and expect to live your life to the full!

The truth about happiness and live happily ever after

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