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Post-ettes are quick reads that deliver clever insights into a deeper understanding of happiness. These short posts relate to the more in-depth Posts on this site and add more meaning to the quick tips.

These short thought provoking narratives will help you improve your happiness and guide you to better long-term results.  Therefore, you will be happy, happier, or the happiest you can be.

Improve and Maintain Your Happiness

Read these quick reads to improve and/or maintain your happiness.  They are good study guides for learning or review.

Everyone wants to be immediately happy and for extended periods of time. You can achieve a level of happiness regardless of your situations by learning what happiness really is. Use these short posts and quick tips to find out the basics of happiness so you can achieve a level of happiness no matter what your circumstances. Moreover, happiness is a state of mind. It is is learned.  You must read, study, and practice the requirements listed in my posts, tips, and post-ettes. Your happiness will be challenged. As a result, the happier you are the more Satan will work to thwart it. Enlist blessings to counterattack Satan’s attacks. So, stay alert to your blessings. Be blessed and bless others to overcome Satan’s attacks. Remain confident and steadfast and you will always be at some level happy and always blessed.
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