Take the Gratitude Pledge

Take the gratitude pledge for a happier new year.

Okay, it’s established that 2020 was a challenging year.  But, was it really ALL bad?  People died, people were born, people got sick, and people got well, people got divorced, and people got married.  Some people lost jobs; some people gained employment.  I think the most challenging part of 2020 was the media – both social and news.  Truthfully, how good were they?

While we use the term media to refer to the dissemination of information, media is also “a nutrient system for the artificial cultivation of cells or organisms and especially bacteria.”  You choose which definition fits with today’s information environment.

The Antidote for Dis-ease

The media almost forces us to believe the worst about everything.  It’s easy to get infected with its artificial cultivation of germs and become dis-eased.  But, you can promote better health and be more at ease.  One of the antidotes to this dis-ease and its adverse effects is gratitude.

Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude has excellent benefits.  Research shows that being thankful improves physical and mental health and relationships.  It increases financial opportunities, reduces anxiety and depression, and helps you sleep better.  But this is not new.  Look at the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers.  They asked for healing and Jesus honored their request.  But, only one of the ten came back to thank him.

One in Ten Ratio for Appreciation

Jesus teaches us the importance of gratitude, as he mentioned the other nine.  Perhaps this indicates the ratio of people who show appreciation to be 1:10.  Imagine if we changed that ratio to 10:10.

Don’t you feel better when someone thanks you for something kind you did for them?  Make this a feel better year.  Show your gratitude to God and others even when you don’t feel like it.  Find something to be grateful for.  There’s always something or someone worthy of appreciation.  (Your ancestors, perhaps.)

Be Actively Thankful

Impress your gratitude to others.  Acknowledge other people’s kindness with a hand-written thank you note or telephone call.  Emails and text messages are NOT impressive.  If someone made an effort to serve you in kindness, at least you can make an effort to be thankful for it.  Be actively grateful – the Samaritan Jesus healed didn’t just shout back, “Thanks, Buddy!”  He ran back to Jesus, lay down, and thanked Him.

Be Grateful, Be Happier

Start your day with gratitude.  Remember, each morning you wake up, your subconscious mind (the mind responsible for feelings of fear, anger, contempt, shame, and guilt) has been awake all night.  Therefore, you wake to negative emotions.  Overcome those negative emotions by waking up your conscious mind to pleasant thoughts using gratitude.  Thank God for a new day and new opportunities.  You’ll set yourself up for a happier day!  Do this every day and you’ll set yourself up for a happier year!

Commit to being thankful, take the Gratitude Pledge!